Fractal Encryption Software

If it can’t be seen, it can’t be deciphered Maximum security file preservation tool

Hackers can only see fragmented, meaningless codes

Suitable for enterprises, organizations with highly sensitive data, protection against hackers and ransomware
  • Protect business secrets, R&D records, source codes/design drawings
  • Important document safe for senior executives
  • Prevention against ransomware
  • Protect recipes, R&D records
  • Protect inspection data, QA data
  • Prevention against ransomware
  • Conceal cash flow records
  • Document safe for senior executives
  • VIP concealed data safe
  • Prevention against ransomware
  • Protect VIP’s personal data, medical records, inspection data, and life insurance-related data
  • Prevention against ransomware
  • Protect the clients’ personal data, transaction data, financial restructuring data, confidential information on mergers and acquisitions
  • Prevention against ransomware
  • Protect the electronic files of sensitive data
  • Protect data leak
  • Prevention against ransomware
  1. File splitting and encryption
  2. Maximum security protection using blockchain encryption
  3. Fragment storage nodes
  4. Multi-node backup
  5. Fraction can be performed on any file format
  6. Dynamic setting on the fly for real-time monitoring and control
Hardware Requirements
  • Intel® Xeon®Processor E5-2650 v2 or higher
  • RAM: 64GB or higher
  • HD space: 1TB or higher

and Ultimate File Security Solution

and Ultimate File Security Solution

Anti-quantum decoding, complies with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 military-grade information security certification
We will safeguard your information security on the cloud


Product Features

Undecodable Anti-tampering Anti-kidnapping Anti-sabotage Patented Fraction

Data protection failure, confidential information leakage, hacker intrusion, and ransomware are everywhere. Sometimes it’s not because of a lack of strength in the information security software but because the file format is too easily identifiable. The code will be deciphered and data will be leaked, but what if the data is no longer a file forma

Innovative, Groundbreaking
and Ultimate File Security Solution

Innovative, Groundbreaking
and Ultimate File Security Solution


Split the files into fragments
Randomly align the fragments


Encrypt the fragments
Using different keys


Capitalizing on the tamper-proof properties of blockchains, the decryption algorithm is used for the uplink before the security key is deleted.
When file retrieval is needed, the key will be generated using the decryption algorithm in the blockchain before the file is decrypted and retrieved.

In doing so, even if the database is hacked, the file will be unidentified and meaningless data. Since the hacker and the virus cannot lock onto a target, the file will not be visible without authorization and therefore it will not be decrypted

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