VANTIQ Everything Can Be Connected

It is equipped with a quick development, digital twin development platform

Developing apps is time-consuming, data categorization is such a hassle, new IT personnel takes forever to catch on. What should you do? Perhaps you can apply a tool that suits you!

Developing apps requires constant testing and deployment.
Are the systems incompatible with one another?
After a system update, is the new system incompatible with the old one?
So, should you just give up updating?

Common communication protocol, development, and testing can be conducted in one environment

The most dreadful aspect of system and equipment integration is the different communication protocols. Besides built-in communication protocols (such as MQTT),
can also deploy freely in the cloud or on-premise. Furthermore, the event-driven framework significantly simplifies all development processes.

Training engineers is difficult, what happens if the engineers leave the company
after they have received the necessary training?
There is a wide range of development tools,
why should I learn new tools if I already know coding?

The gradual learning curve elevates the IT department’s values

VANTIQ provides a web-based and low-code development environment, where dragging is applied to quickly complete the coding process. Anyone familiar with JavaScript can catch on quickly, while new engineers can seamlessly continue previous work.

Everyone is talking about Big Data. With the tons of data generated by the IoT equipment, data cleansing is so taxing
How do I quickly determine the information I want?

Define the events and stipulate processes to simplify your data

Instead of executing only after the entire instruction is received, VANTIQ can quickly extract data from
as well as select data you have targeted from the equipment or system.

Increases Productivity by Tenfold

Shortens development time reduces maintenance cost


Gartner Cool Vendor

VANTIQ’s digital twin and event-driven technology are strategic and forward-looking to become one of Gartner, Inc.'s 2018 Cool Vendors.

CODiE Winner

VANTIQ’s most innovative and influential products have positively impacted the “technical field of sales and education” in the US and across the world. As a result, it has been shortlisted by 800 judges from the software and information industry for 3 consecutive years, and it has received the CODiE award from the SIIA twice.

nGage IoT6 Exchange

VANTIQ’s event-driven, real-time solution capability in the IoT has earned it the Best Emerging IoT Solution in the nGage IoT6 Exchange organized in Austin, Texas, in the US in 2017.

Successful Stories

Smart City

SoftBank Corp. Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba

The project requires the application of IoT, AI, and digital twin smart building/city platform and application to materialize SoftBank’s new headquarters and smart building. Although the project was launched in May 2019, Tokyu Land and SoftBank wanted to announce the collaboration at the SoftBank World during July 18-19, 2019.

Smart City

INESA – Smart elevator

With the aid of VANTIQ, INESA can monitor elevator diagnostics and track the passengers to ensure the building’s security in its network. The real-time system also provides the necessary quick development tools in response to unpredictable events when developing the application program. Currently, the 2 manufacturers will expand their several hundred elevators to replace 250,000 elevators in Shanghai

Smart Retail

Cust2Mate smart shopping cart

With the aid of VANTIQ, Cust2Mate created a smart retail solution to ascertain the status and location of every customer. The solution can interact with the behavioral and environmental variables in real-time. The solution is extremely versatile, and it is also expandable and agile, allowing the retailer to expand and improve its system during operation, as well as monitor its stores in real-time.

Smart Dispatch

Mitsuiwa Japan

After the customer service personnel accepts a case through telephone or email, confirming an engineer who can deal with the problem immediately requires a great deal of time and energy. (at the most 30 minutes per event and 1,800 events per month. )
1,000 engineers provide support for Mitsuiwa’s ICT equipment in 28 locations throughout the country. When an event occurs, the operator at each station dispatch engineers through phone or email based on experience, spending 900 hours every month nationwide.

Smart Building

Bimernet 3D modeling

A system that seamlessly combines 3D BIM with VANTIQ’s real-time, event-driven processing capability. Results in a complete BIM 3D animation that can depict the building’s behavior in real-time including its inhabitants and other relevant environmental conditions.

Smart Security


CASK provides a centralized platform to manage security events of different security products from multiple suppliers. Platform cross-analysis provides various security statistics and correlations. CASK manages the security compliance of those working from home through the real-time monitoring of assets in order to locate security risks and provide solutions and recommendations for various security events in real-time.

Smart Farming

WaterBit smart irrigation

WaterBit is a solution that provides precision irrigation by combining IoT, hardware, and software. The sensors deployed on-site are used to monitor the soil conditions, water flow, and pressure and open or close the valves. The grower can use the computer or portable equipment to remotely monitor and control irrigation anytime, anywhere.

Smart Insurance

TENEO smart car insurance

VANTIQ’s Malaysian partner Teneo Technologies used VANTIQ to create a QuickAssist application program to help a global car insurance company process claims and help the victims of traffic accidents.