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Perfect digital transformation partner - Wisdom Gathering Consulting collaborates with AIoT partners through VANTIQ to tap into the global market

Digital transformation is the way! Wisdom Gathering Consulting specializes in choosing the right tools to get more done in less time to achieve groundbreaking innovation. By taking advantage of VANTIQ to expedite the transformation process of Taiwanese organizations, we will tap into the global market with our local partners.

“Starting from day one, we have focused on the scope of digital transformation. The goal is to facilitate the successful transformation of Taiwanese and global enterprises through good systems and tools. This is why Wisdom Gathering has become the agent of the AI event-driven platform VANTIQ. “ Wisdom Gathering Consulting CEO Angel Lo says with a smile. VANTIQ is widely used in fields such as smart city, security protection, environmental monitoring, real-time fleet management, logistics, and supply chain management, customer management, smart manufacturing, and application software, making it the ideal partner for the government, schools, and enterprises in realizing digital transformation.

After Gartner proposed the “Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)” in 2003, it became a popular trend in 2018. By the end of 2022, it is estimated that 50% of the organizations worldwide will incorporate API management into their business management scope, 50% of the business organizations will apply EDA as their core business model, and 60% of the digital services will be conducted through EDA. Of the numerous EDA suppliers on the market, VANTIQ has proven to be the most popular among renowned international corporations including SoftBank in Japan, Shanghai INESA, Foxconn, WaterBit, GiConnect, Inesa, Cust2Mate, and Electra.

Three major benefits – VANTIQ is the secret weapon to digital transformation

In light of VANTIQ’s favorable product and service energy, Wisdom Gathering Consulting introduced VANTIQ last year (2020) to assist the government, manufacturing, finance, construction, farming, and aquaculture industry in building various smart applications. Examples include helping the military to develop a big data platform, develop smart public toilets for the Taipei City Department of Environmental Protection, establish a cloud forensics platform for the Ministry of Justice, create a smart production line monitoring platform for a manufacturer, introducing a smart building for a real-estate developer (escalator), develop a smart (strawberry) cultivation platform for a farmer, and develop a smart poultry feeding platform for a poultry farmer.

The fact that Wisdom Gathering Consulting can help so many government agencies and enterprises to establish smart applications is attributed to the 3 major features of VANTIQ. First is the ease of integration; compared to traditional project development, which requires considerable expenses and resources in integrating the old and new systems, as well as software and hardware, by using VANTIQ, developers can quickly create an AIoT platform without affecting the existing information system structure by clicking and dragging the necessary components. Angel Lo comments, “Based on our experience, in practice, VANTIQ saves at least 30% project development time, allowing our colleagues to concentrate on the core services and accelerate innovation and change. “

The second characteristic is openness. Besides VANTIQ’s built-in AI components, developers can infinitely expand the application field based on the connection algorithms or data analysis models. Taking SoftBank’s headquarters at Port City Takeshiba as an example, Microsoft and Alibaba estimated that they were unable to successfully integrate the wide range of systems and IoT equipment. However, after implementing VANTIQ, SoftBank was able to successfully consolidate 19 different systems including AI algorithm, cameras, sensors, and network services, to collect and analyze data from over 1,300 sensors and cameras, in turn creating a corporate headquarters integrating food delivery, security surveillance, personalized signages, automated cleaning, and public transport to protect the safety of the employees and visitors.

Last but not least, it can process an enormous amount of data coming from a wide range of sources in real-time. According to CEO Angel Lo “VANTIQ can process 100,000 events per second in real-time to accommodate various needs. “ For instance, Teneo Technology created a real-time roadside assistance system for the Malaysian subsidiary of a well-known European insurer, where real-time collection, processing, and analysis of data from diverse systems including insurance system, telephone customer service, vehicle information, location information, towing system, and healthcare system to successfully shorten the time of roadside assistance from 3 hours to less than an hour, in turn increasing customer satisfaction by 80% and generating an additional NT$2 million platform revenue for the company.

Rooted in Taiwan with international ambitions, Wisdom Gathering Consulting provides AIoT application services in conjunction with our partners

Angel Lo indicates, “Thanks to VANTIQ’s advantages such as easy integration, openness, and the ability to process diverse data, we can help the Taiwanese government and enterprises to create a variety of smart applications such as smart public toilet, smart livestock farming, smart farming, smart manufacturing, and smart building, etc. “Next, Wisdom Gathering Consulting will introduce these smart solutions to international markets including China, Southeast Asia, Dubai, and the US through the global resources of VANTIQ. “As our services expand, this year (2021), we will expand the distribution of VANTIQ from Taiwan to the Middle East to assist local enterprises to create smart application services. “

Wisdom Gathering Consulting can establish an international presence from Taiwan due to the company’s focus on the global market since our inception. Angel Lo comments that Wisdom Gathering Consulting is a domestic startup with a global perspective, consisting of internal/external experts from various fields. The company not only has team members specializing in cloud technology, information, and communication system integration service but also boasts domestic and international experts/consultants with abundant experience. These include New Generation College President Li Shao-Tang, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Professor Luo Tai-Sheng, Canada and EU AI Self-Driving Association member Djemel Ziou, and US senior accountant Robert Chow.

“We have perceived Taiwan as a lab environment to build AIoT smart application services with our local partners, thereby creating an AIoT industry ecosystem in preparation for tapping into the international market. “ Angel Lo exhibits tremendous confidence, as Wisdom Gathering Consulting has expanded operations from Taiwan to China, and this year (2021), it will form new branch offices in Singapore and Dubai, introducing Taiwan’s practical VANTIQ smart applications to Southeast Asia and the Middle East in a bid to help more enterprises accelerate their innovation transformation through AIoT.

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