Welcoming a Healthy New Year, Leading the Revolution in Medical Technology

VSI HoloMedicine® Enhances Precision Medicine

As the end of the year approaches, everyone’s work pressure is steadily increasing. During this busy period, maintaining good health is an important issue that we cannot overlook.

Wisdom Gathering Consulting has been committed to being a reliable partner for everyone, continuously exploring cutting-edge solutions in various fields. Especially in the medical field, we assist doctors in making more accurate diagnoses through the innovative technology of VSI HoloMedicine®, thereby enhancing the public’s medical welfare.

We are honored to have discussions this time with Dr. Han-Shui Hsu, Director of the Thoracic Surgery Department at Taipei Veterans General Hospital. Dr. Hsu has always been dedicated to promoting medical progress. Upon knowing that we wanted to let the public understand the latest breakthroughs in the medical field, he immediately agreed to assist us in conducting an exclusive interview, demonstrating, and filming, hoping to help more people in need through his sharing.

During the interview, Dr. Hsu emphasized the important role of VSI HoloMedicine® in precision medicine. This software not only helps doctors more accurately locate lesions and minimize the scope of surgical wounds but also allows for the sharing of images to explain the condition to patients intuitively, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of doctor-patient communication.

Interested in learning more about how technology assists in medicine? Please tune into TVBS and we will take you through this new revolution in medical technology!


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