Foxit PDF Editor was launched to improve user experience

Every Foxit PDF Editor order will be shipped with version 13 from now on.

To level up user experience, Foxit PDF Editor version 13 was launched. From now, every Foxit PDF Editor order will be shipped with version 13. The following are the new features and improvements of version 13:

New Features:
  1. New capabilities with bookmarks
    • Provide the ability to automatically create bookmarks from text content by specifying text styles or search strings and presetting the properties for the created bookmarks. (Pro only)
    • Delete pages by deleting the associated bookmarks.
  2. Enhancements for Action Wizard (Pro only)
    • Create a custom command from an existing command and add the custom command to an action to run your document-related workflow efficiently.
    • Add an option to check whether a document conforms to PDF/UA and fix issues if any to make documents accessible.
  3. Customizable skin and the refreshed look of the title bar
    • Support the customization of the skin color to suit your preferences.
    • Thicken the title bar (sits at the top of the window) and adjust the positions of the items (such as the Search box and File Name) displayed on it, to provide a familiar and intuitive user interface similar to the style of Microsoft 365.
  4. Split one page into multiple pages.
  5. Modify calculator tapes that have been attached to the PDF page by importing the tape content into the tape editor to recalculate. (Pro only)
  6. Allow you to recognize part of the PDF page rather than the whole page/document with the enhanced OCR feature. (Pro only)
  7. Use Microsoft Edge WebView2 to better display embedded web pages in the application.
  8. Improve the Fill & Sign feature by allowing customizing the color of drawn/typed signatures and symbols (i.e., checkmarks/cross marks/dots)
  1. Fixed an issue where the application could respond slowly when splitting some certain documents by File Size.
  2. Fixed an issue where the uploading of the .admx and .adml files on Intune failed.
  3. Fixed an issue where the application crash could occur when opening a digitally signed document from File Explorer with a PDF already open in the application.
  4. Fixed an issue where opening a certain file encrypted by File Open would result in an error prompt.
  5. Fixed an issue where the properties of a form field could not be copied when copying the form field.
  6. Fixed an issue where the filled-in text was compressed and justified left when users filled in form fields in a certain PDF.
  7. Fixed some security and stability issues.


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