A simple, easy to use PDF editing software

※ In May 2021, FOXIT released the V11 update, and Phantom PDF was officially renamed as PDF Editor

Suitable for all knowledge workers and people
Hardware Requirements
  • Processor 1.3GHz or above (x86 compatible)
  • Ram 512MB (recommended at least 1GB)
  • 2GB HD storage space
  • 1024*768 screen resolution (supports 4K and other high definition monitors)
Operating System Requirements
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Microsoft Office® 2010 or higher (some requires PDF creation function)
  • Certified by Citrix XenApp® 7.13 as Citrix Ready®

The Second Most Popular
PDF Editor in The World

The Second Most Popular
PDF Editor in The World

As of 2016, Foxit has accumulated over 400 million users worldwide.


Product Features

All basic PDF editing software functions(edit, merge, convert, automatically generates a table of contents, export csv file)
Over 15 cloud storage spaces for direct file storage

(include Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, Sharefile, Sharepoint, iManage 9, iManage10, NdOffice, Enterprise Connect, eDOCS DM, Worldox, Documentum, Box, Egnyte, DMSforLegal, Alfresco etc.)

One-off purchase at 1/3 of the price of brand A’s product
Local customer service hotline in Taiwan
The Office-like interface is easy to use
Maximum compression up to 1/4 the size of the original PDF file
Compared to the A brand product, Foxit offers better performance and faster launch speed
Long-term supplier of PDF SDK technology to Google, Gmail, and Amazon, any information security loopholes will be patched within 72 hours
Fully complies with ISO32000-1 international standards
Can be combined with robotic process automation (RPA) to execute automatic optical character recognition (OCR)
Complies with Trade Agreements Act (TAA), Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), and Section 508 standards.
  • Redesigned interface (including graphics, functional areas, and dashboard)
  • Supports European Union Trusted Lists (EUTL) certificate for convenient verification and signing
  • Materializes multiple function integration in cloud drives (Google, OneDrive, SharePoint)
  • Supports the viewing of PRC format 3D PDF files

Excellent Market Reputation

Wisdom Gathering Tips


After purchasing Foxit PDF Editor, how to activate it after downloading and installing, how to deactivate it after changing to another computer or reinstalling it, and how to register a Foxit account for identity verification.

Foxit Introduction

Where did Foxit come from? What other impressive products are there besides Foxit PDF Editor? Can Foxit support enterprise licensing or deployment, and why do you want to choose Foxit products? Let us give you the reason!

PDF File Protection

Comprehensive introduction of Foxit PDF Editor’s protection functions such as password protection, certificate protection, RMS protection, connectedPDF protection, etc.

Reference Price

Perpetual License
One-year Subscription

Foxit PDF Editor Pro

Perpetual License
$ 8,736
(Tax excluded)
  • One-year product upgrade guarantee
  • Every work feature in PDF Editor
  • Advanced collaboration
  • Advanced editing
  • Advanced security
  • Supports Windows

Foxit PDF Editor

Perpetual License
$ 7,488
(Tax excluded)
  • One-year product upgrade guarantee
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Supports Windows
  • Supports macOS
  • Supports online
  • Supports mobile

Common Problems

Instruction: Help>deactivate>deactivate Foxit PDF Editor>confirm

Ask Foxit for assistance. Please fill in the application form (Attention! You must first register on the Foxit official website)

The purchasing methods are perpetual licensing and a one-year subscription

Please refer to the YouTube channel by searching for Wisdom Gathering tips to browse a series of functional instruction videos

Foxit will release a new version annually, so the second year after your one-off purchase, you can purchase a maintenance warranty (including a one-year product upgrade guarantee). You can upgrade to the latest version for free and use any new functions.

The company has switched to electronic invoices as of 2022/02/01, but we can accept tax ID numbers from corporate users

Currently, we only accept payment remittance

What’s the difference between FOXIT EDITOR PRO and FOXIT EDITOR?

  1. Additional encryption function
  2. Simple 3D editing functions such as opening a 3D U3D file or commenting
  3. Convert DWG documents to 3D PDF
  4. Provide dynamic watermark for AD RMD protected documents

Besides the abovementioned main functions, please contact us for additional advanced functions

Foxit requires one activation code per device
The interface of Foxit V9 or higher provides the deactivation function. The user should deactivate Foxit on the current device before activating it on the new device

Deactivate Foxit on the current device: Help>deactivate>deactivate Foxit PDF Editor>OK
Activate Foxit on a new device: after installing the software>Foxit PDF Editor’s activation window pops up>enter the activation code in the Perpetual License Activation column>activate Foxit to use it

Foxit Editor PC version and Foxit Editor Mobile cannot use the same activation code. Please contact us directly should you need to purchase the Foxit Editor Mobile

These are different operating systems and therefore cannot use the same activation code

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