2023 WGC Company Trip: Not Just a Journey, But a Voyage of Growth and Gratitude

Popular Luxury Camping in Miaoli—LoFi Land

In the fast-paced and complex daily work, every partner of Wisdom Gathering Consulting always works diligently for the welfare of our clients’ enterprises, providing the best in cybersecurity, office software, and services. WGC sees and cares deeply about each staff’s efforts.

We chose LoFi Land, which is known as the hometown of ‘Internet beauty’, as the place of the employee trip this year. It is not only a recognition of the partners’ hard work, but also highlights our high regard for employee happiness and the spirit of team collaboration.

Relaxation and More: An Investment

To WGC, the employee trip is not merely sightseeing, but an important investment in employee welfare. This time we specifically chose luxury camping, hoping the team could escape from the daily work and enjoy spiritual relaxation and rejuvenation, through the chirping of insects and birds on the organic farm. This can not only restore the well-being of our partners but also enhance their enthusiasm and creativity at work, thereby affecting the productivity and innovative ability of the entire team.

A Concentrated Version of Team Collaboration

During this luxury camping time, in addition to enjoying the charms of nature, we also engaged in breadstick making and barbecue activities. Through division of labor and mutual support, the relationships among colleagues were strengthened, and trust and understanding were also built unintentionally. This spirit of collaboration can be the beef to projects in the future.

We hope that through this trip, every partner can feel the care from WGC. This journey is not only an appreciation of the hard work, but also a commitment to the future, hoping to bring a sense of home and warmth to all the partners. This is not just a trip, but an experience of growth for the partners. With each trip, our team becomes more resilient, more innovative, and more energetic, all pointing towards a common goal: to join hands and create a brighter future in an ever-changing market.

Let us look forward to the next trip and the infinite possibilities it will bring to us.


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