About Wisdom Gathering

Business Philosophy

The Information Technology and Professional Services Partner Team of Wisdom Gathering Consulting possesses ample experience and capability to assist clients in digital transformation, which helps enterprises to enhance their market competitiveness and operational efficiency, reduce operating costs and risks, and maximize the benefits of IT investments. We assist global enterprises in addressing various challenges during rapid growth and development.

We keep ’Enhance Clients’ Value’ as our service goal, offering solutions cover the entire value chain of an enterprise. At the same time, with the service philosophy of ‘Growing Together with Clients,’ we establish long-term and in-depth cooperative relationships with clients and actively deploy global distribution partners.

Wisdom Gathering Consulting has successfully implemented Taiwanese case studies multiple times in Thailand, Vietnam, and Dubai. We, WGC, locate in Taiwan with global expansion view.

Advantages of Wisdom Gathering

Experts and scholars from various fields

Wisdom Gathering Consulting has gathered a group of domestic and international partners with innovative and professional capabilities, as well as consultant teams from different fields, to assist enterprises and government units in their digital transformation.

Leading Products and Tools

We provide exclusively represented products which are market leaders and suitable for enterprise for ESG, remote operations, and information security needs.

Accurate Industrial Solutions

Implement precise solutions and suggestions to help clients enhance their market competitiveness and operational efficiency by using the latest and best information technology.

Low-Code Internationally Certified Development Platform

Recognized by Gartner, this next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) application development platform is represented by Wisdom Gathering Consulting as the sole strategic partner of VANTIQ and Softbank Taiwan.

Our Services

Help you boost your corporate values




Solutions Provider


Project Development


Education and Training

WGC Software

WGC Sole Agency

Consultation Team

Adams Chang

Information Security Consultant

Tai-Sheng Luo

Chairman of CCIEA

Robert Zhou

Big data, Database Consultant

Rui-Xiang Xiao

NLP, e-commerce Consultant

CT Teng

Industry Mentor of Ministry of Science and Technology's Value Creation Program
Consultant of Institute for Information Industry

Ren-Zuo Wang

Doctor of Civil Engineering from National Central University

Steve Goh

Director of VANTIQ
Global Business Development Consultant

Kelvin Wong

Founder of iSap Solution
Smart Security, Image Recognition Consultant

Vince Lee

Former General Manager of Smart Tech. Greater China
Smart Solutions Consultant

Djemel Ziou

Autonomous Driving, Image Processing Analysis Consultant

Rober Chow

Financial and Accounting Consultant

Digital Transformation Embrace the Future

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Wisdom Gathering Consulting focuses on the service objective of “boosting corporate values” to provide solutions that encompass the corporate value chain; we are driven by the service philosophy of “growing with our clients” to forge a long-term and tight-knit partnership.