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AIoT Consultancy

Focus on integrated planning, assist customers to plan valuable business opportunities, increase customer's competitive environment, and help customers improve market positioning value.

WGC understands the needs of its customers and provides a full range of professional consulting and technical services in various industry sectors. Committed to providing integrated consulting services to help corporate clients achieve their corporate goals.

AIoT Consultancy



. Strategic Planning

. Buiness Process Change Management

. System Audit

. Enterprise Architecture

. Sourcing

. Market Research & Technology Trends

high level design

. System & Network Design

. Trend Preparation & Evaluation

systems integration

detalied design

. System Network Detailed Design

. Bill of Materials

. Contract Management

. Capacity Plainning


. Product Management

. Construction Supervision

. Factory Acceptance Testing

surport services

operations,maintenance & support

. Network Managementg

. Ongoing Support

. Operations & Maintenance Plaining