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Wisdom Gathering Consulting’s AIoT and consulting services partner team has the expertise to help clients leverage information technology to enhance market competitiveness and operational efficiency, reduce operating costs and risks, and maximize the benefits of information investment. Assist companies in responding to the challenges of rapid growth and development.

So What Are We Going to Do About It?

Who Are We?

GWC is a business consulting firm that assists enterprises and companies around the world to provide consulting services and provides complete, professional, comprehensive intelligence communications, project management and corporate diagnostic training services with their partners, built specifically to meet customer needs.

Our Services

Adhering to the values of “Innovative Performance, Integrity Profit, and Create Customer Value”, we provide the services and solutions to our customers need.


The commitment to fulfilling the customer's requirements is the common vision of everyone at WGC, with the three main operating axes of “knowledge products, technology services, and system integration”.

Our Approach

“ When we are committed to work, we are your team. We are committed to your budget and deliver projects on time. ”

Customized approach
We believe that no one knows your business as much as you do, so our job is to help develop your strategy process.
Our goal is to help you to keep you at your best and ahead of your competitors.
We will correspond to each solution with your actual working style and unique position in the market.

Power of Success

Management Team

Angel Lo

CEO of Wisdom Gathering Consulting

As CEO of Wisdom Gathering Consulting, we would like to make things right. That is to develop a strategy for the company, to be a leader that can lead our excellent team in to the future of south east Asia and the whole over the world.

People are great cause of their dreams, phrase was spoken from former Microsoft Chief of Labor Intelligence Laboratory in Taiwan “Taiwan has the environment for AI development. All it needs is for the Government’s policy to play the role in being the sun and the industry to provide enough water (funds). Taiwan will surely become a globally- recognized artificial intelligent base.”

20 years ago, I had the pleasure to meeting my IT mentor Dr. Robert Schao with a degree from University of California, Berkely USA, and had the pleasure to join InfoDoc Technology’s establishment. In the past 20 years, I have experienced the experience of ISV, SI, Microsoft, AvePoint, accumulated market experience in cross- straits and Southeast Asia, and customer service experience.. In addition to Taiwan's domestic large-scale financial industry, government central authorities, counties and cities Governments, institutions, well-known domestic manufacturing industries, and large chains in mainland China, multinational corporations, and a very sensitive market sense of smell and execution are also good at teamwork, partner management and development.

I hope that the wisdom gathering consulting can provide a stage to attract more AI- related talents in a group of teams with market experience, vitality and dreams, to unite the consensus of Taiwan's outstanding academic and IT industry teams, and to share our common understanding. Experience gives back to the society to lead and train the younger generation, seize the opportunity of AI to take off, work together, and bravely move forward, let Taiwan shine again on the world stage.



Curt is an international Business Executive with extensive experience in selling emerging technology solutions including artificial intelligence, process automation, consulting, systems integration & outsourcing. International experience includes assisting companies raise capital & create partnership

Completed several cross-border acquisitions, reverse mergers; created & managed tier 1 partnerships between US & international companies. Served as Board Member of publicly traded companies.
Advisory Group:
Business Consultant Member of the Institute of Robotic Process Automation and AI Former leadership positions with US tech companies including IBM and Hewlitt Packard Appointed to the Battery Alliance by the EU Commission
Enterprise Blockchain Founder, 2017-present

•Management Consulting - Assisting clients to recognize the potential of implementing blockchain technology in the enterprise and to prepare strategies for new industry ecosystems.
•Providing expertise in base case development, disruption indexing, market research & analysis, tokenization, and solutions integration.
•Assisting blockchain clients such as TraDove, Credits.com, EVShare, Wealthman, & Bethereum with solution development and fund raising. Strategic Advisor to InfraPartners Management LLP (Europe) & clients in Europe including aeromobile.com and tachyum.com
•Founded ICO Advisory Services - Advised Blockchain technology such as Tradove, Credits.com , Wealth Man Bethereum & Evshare.com on strategy and funding alternatives.
•Appointed by the EU commission to the European Battery Alliance, worked with multinational companies to develop strategies leveraging lithium & hydrogen for a clean energy. As well as advised EoCell and Empower for large scale lithium battery project in Slovakia.

Dr. Robert Shou Consultant

Professional experience
■ Application software development and planning technical consultant
■ SOA system architecture planning the company's large-scale official document master system planning, construction

■ Analysis of the integration of the company's large-scale official document project system
■ Program design of the company's large-scale official document system
■ Project manager of all important official documents of the company
■ Structure planning and analysis of the large-scale official document database of the company
■ Executive Yuan Research Council Common Service Component Planning Planner
■ In charge of the long-term preservation technology research project of the Archives Administration
■ National Development Committee Archives Administration Electronic Archives Preservation Management Mechanism Entrusted Service Case Project Leader
■ National Development Committee Archives Administration Document Archives Integration Technology Platform Construction Entrusted Service Case Project Leader
■ Chairman of InfoDoc Technology
■ Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

James Lu

■ Business consultant
■ Business trainer
■ Business coach

■ Taiwan Z.H.ISLAND Chief Operating Officer
■ Microsoft Global Training Director
■ Fudan University, Shanghai
  - distinguished Lecturer,
  - Master's Program
  - Software College
■ Microsoft Taiwan Large Enterprise Division Solutions Manager
■ IBM Taiwan Software Group Sales Engineer Department Manager
■ Taiwan Army Lieutenant Colonel (retired)
■ Master of Science in Computer Science, Bioengineering and Medical Physics, University of London, UK

Adam Wang

Business consultant, trainer, business coach GETECH Technology Director (Chemical & Medical Instrument Agent)
General Manager, Cross-regional Business Unit, Microsoft

■ Business consultant
■ Business trainer
■ Business coach
■ GETECH Technology Director (Chemical & Medical Instrument Agent)
■ HP Technology - Products and Pipeline Group GM, Taiwan
■ R&D engineer, system engineer, sales manager, sales executive
■ Taiwan University of Political Science EMBA (Enterprise Class)
■ Master of Computer Engineering, Taiwan University of Science and Technology
■ Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Casper Chen

■ Currently, member of the Education Training Convener and Application Service Group of the Blockchain Application and Development Institute of the National Commercial Association of the Republic of China
■ Member of the Blockchain Application Committee of the Republic of China Software Association
■ Serving as a service project consultant for the newly created blockchain company, the service target includes the issuance of tickets, bonus point tokens, asset tokens and stable currency projects, and assisted the Chamber of Commerce and Software Association in promoting blockchain-related education and training. He has worked in the domestic financial control digital financial product manager, promoting mobile banking services and responsible for Southeast Asia consumer finance strategy and product development.

Jimmy Liu

■ Taiwan Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Computer Systems Analyst
■ Nestle Co., Ltd. Computer Systems Analyst
■ 3M Marketing Director
■ Fullerton Technology Co., Ltd. Business Manager
■ GrandTech C.G.System Inc.. Marketing/Business Associate
■ Symantec - China Sales Manager/Taiwan Consumer Products Division, Associate/Taiwan District Spokesperson
■ Manager Today Magazine - Marketing Columnist / 2009 Top 100 Managers / Hua Fan University In-service Staff Training Course Marketing Course Lecturer
■ Corporate Lecturer: -Amway -Trend Micro -Good Way Technology -Hualiteq International Corp -Tatung System Technologies Inc.